As part of WECHSELRAUM, 2021.

On 28. and 29.08.2021 the project WECHSELRAUM took place in a former foundry in Chemnitz.

It shows the contemporary artistic potential of (char)coal at a historic industrial site. The exhibition lives from the community of performers and their audience. Visually fragmentary, different levels of perception, communication, spatiality and temporality condense into a new whole.

In a relay race, the term W E C H S E L R A U M refers to the area in which the baton changes hands. The starting point of the exhibition is an installative spatial drawing made of charcoal by the artist Ulrike Mohr, which undergoes a further transformation every two hours by the participating artists.

Matthias Beckmann, Béla Bender, Hannah del Mestre, Florian Dombois, Dana Engfer, Ulrike Feibig, Alice Goudsmit, Lukas Kleinert, Mandy Knospe, Ulrike Mohr, Olaf Nicolai, Katja Pudor, Max Sudhues, Anna Till, Nicole Wendel