For my ongoing project Schneckenhaus-Sammlung I am collecting snail shells from all over the world, which I receive by mail. I am documenting them with analog b/w photography. Afterwards they got pulverized into fine sand. Transferred into test tubes, marked with date and place of origin, they are archived and presented as temporary traces.

The accompanying sound collage of the video work „Wolkensonate mit Schnecke“ is based on a samples ASMR sound of snails eating cucumbers, lettuce and green watermelon.

Another part of the project is the b/w photography „Im Palmengarten“. Two snail shells are placed on heads shown in an old found photograph, photographed again and enlarged.
Added to this, the drawing “Flûtiste” that shows a portrait of the US jazz trombonist and snail horn virtuoso Steve Turré.