Viral Empath

Dana Engfer with Clara Bahlsen, Astrid Busch, Daniel Ferstl, Yuki Jungesblut, Judith Karcheter, Cheonghye Sophia Lee, Adi Liraz, Dennis Meier, Ulrike Mohr, Katja Pudor, Lena Inken Schaefer, Max Sudhues & Miro Zahra.

Installation & Spatial Dramaturgy by Heiko Pfreundt & Lisa Susanne Schorm

30.05.2020 – 11.06.2020, Daily from sunrise to sunset
Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunynstraße 53, 10999 Berlin

It comes from the depth of a space, to where daylight gradually darkens and its ends becomes blurred. Through its tighter circulation with the things from its immediate surrounding, all its affairs seem like an outwardly covered, masked breath. A slow recovery? From what exactly?

From her place at home, artist Dana Engfer transferred the windowless outlines of a house in her neighbourhood into a series of watercolours and invited 13 artist colleagues to work with her on common isolation diaries during a mild Berlin lock down. With a distinction between physical and social distance, this process is now continued in a variable, progressing window installation at Kreuzberg Pavillon facing the street. This installation without bright exhibition lighting is keeping the many present idiosyncratic and improvised order and protection measures of public life in mind and is experimenting with the body of temporary makeshift solutions that allows the relationship between the space and its audience to vary.